Lampyris turns the world of candles upside down!

This extravagant new product will let your surrounding come to light in a special way. As the first candle which burns upside down,
Lampyris will be fascinates everyone.
This lamp has two sources of light. One votive candle and a cylinder filled with lamp oil. After 4 to 6 hours of continues use,
the votive candle will be changed and the cylinder be filled with fresh oil.
Gold plated or in Stainless Steel, Lampyris combines the cosy candlelight with modern design and the artistry of glassblowing.
Only high quality materials have been used in the creation of this truly unique product.

Be inspired by the warmth and beauty of this product !
Diameter: Ø approx. 14 cm
Heights approx. 32cm
Number of candles: 1
+ 1 cylinder with lamp oil

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